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We live on the side of a hill, on the edge of Snowdonia, looking across Anglesey.  It frequently rains sideways and in fact uphill.  Our house was built in about 1750 and is built of stone.  It's brilliant!

For a rest we enjoy visiting London.

After years of travelling I started to look much closer at what's on our doorstep here in north Wales.  There are some very good reasons why people choose to move to Wales and it's only as a result of looking for greener grass elsewhere that it becomes apparent.  I started photographing my own area and things looked different, because I chose to think like a tourist, visiting Snowdonia or Anglesey for the very first time.  

I believe that digital technology has opened up photography to everybody.  You can now think more about what the image is about and less about the mechanics of settings and dials.  You can literally keep trying until you get the result you want-that's what I did.