Landscape photographs of north Wales and Snowdonia

Here in north Wales I can photograph a beach on Anglesey and an hour later be photographing a waterfall among the mountains of Snowdonia.  It's actually pretty easy to take all this landscape and seascape for granted when you live here.  There is a theme running through much of my landscape photography and that is water.  Not any old water though; I prefer it stormy, frozen, mirror-like, misty, in fact anything that is out of the ordinary.  What really matters is how you chose to see things- the timing, the viewpoint, the composition, and the point of interest.  

I was inspired by an Australian photographer, Christian Fletcher, whom I came across when researching places to go on holiday.  When we went to visit WA it became apparent that he had a built-in advantage that I was never going to have as a visitor- he lived there.  So often I've visited places on holiday and just cannot get to the right place at the right time.  Who wants to get up in the dark whilst on holiday?  I just didn't have the local knowledge about places to park, access, or just where to go. 

I then went about being a tourist in my own back yard, here on the edge of Snowdonia.  I got up a bit earlier, took in a waterfall or beach and then went to work.  Sometimes I would go home via a beach.  Sounds idyllic?  I'll let you into a secret:  the weather is more often than not grey.  You do need to live here to be available for the day when it is photographically pristine.  

If by any chance you get a Tupperware sky when you visit Anglesey or Snowdonia, you can always buy a souvenir from here.  That's what I did with Christian Fetcher's photographs!

Eventually I built up a portfolio suitable for exhibition and went on to exhibit framed photographs at some cultural gems such as Penrhyn Castle and Plas Newydd on Anglesey.  I also exhibited for a summer season at Venue Cymru in Llandudno.  My work has featured on book covers and appears in all manner of promotional material for North Wales tourism businesses.  

I came to realise that people have all sorts of reasons to buy photographic products.  Some people have bought photographs from me for inspiration to paint their own watercolours, some people just want a souvenir of a holiday in Wales.  Others find them to be ideal gifts, so I now offer a large variety of different products ranging from large fine art paper prints, through to postcards.  I bought some of Christian Fletcher's so that I could study them and try to reverse engineer his method!  

If you take a look at a map, you'll find that most of my photographs are taken within an hour of Bangor which is sat between Snowdonia and Anglesey.  Why not plan your holiday using this website as a visual 'photo guide'?