Here in north Wales I can photograph a beach on Anglesey and an hour later be photographing a waterfall whose river flows into a lake, among the mountains of Snowdonia.  It's actually pretty easy to take all this landscape and seascape for granted when you live in north Wales.  There is a theme running through much of my landscape photography and that is water.  Not any old water though; I prefer it stormy, frozen, mirror-like, misty, in fact anything that is out of the ordinary.

"Landscape photography" is such a broad genre and goes well beyond a grand vista of imposing mountain ranges.  Cities and the built world is as much a part of our landscape as any other.  In fact, its often only as a result of man's interventions that we are able to identify a place.  Isn't the world a place of such remarkable contrasts?

What really matters is how you chose to see things- the timing, the viewpoint, the composition, and the point of interest.  This is so important with Snowdonia landscape photography because I usually have sufficient time to think about exactly how I want the photograph to look and that includes thinking about how I might do the edit.  This isn't usually the case abroad though; photography time on holiday is brief and there isn't a second chance when overseas.  

Hopefully, you will feel inspired to come and visit north Wales and try your hand photographing Snowdonia and Anglesey.  You can get from London and be out with your camera in Llanberis before lunch!